Magdalen Nabb





"My dear fellow-writer and friend,

It is so good to walk with you through the animated streets of Florence, with its carabinieri, its ordinary people, its little trattorie and even its noisy tourists. It's all so alive, you can hear the noises, smell the smells, see that morning mist on the fast flowing Arno...

Georges Simenon"

(from his preface to Death in Springtime)




Time not spent at the writing desk is spent in the garden or on horseback. These two activities use up all the physical energy not used in writing and all the money earned by writing.

Mine is a walled garden within the city walls of Florence and abutting on the Boboli gardens of the Pitti Palace. It has a little fountain and fish pool, a lemon tree, a fig tree a grapevine, a bay tree and some climbing roses. It also has butterflies, dragonflies and some bees. It doesn’t need very much work, just enough to be an excuse to leave the writing desk and pop out into the sunshine as often as desired which is very often.

The horse, Daluc, is further away--a twenty minute drive--and can’t be popped at. At least half a day is required whether for schooling or for a ride out through vineyards, olive groves and orchards. Being in the saddle means being at the right height for helping yourself to peaches, pears and cherries or for being shot at by hunters, acording to season.